Why Too Much Medicine Is Making Us Sick

Dr Iona Health

Dr. Iona Heath from Australia, is at the forefront of efforts worldwide to reduce and prevent over-diagnosis of disease. This is an outstanding interview with a challenging host — discussing the need for more discretion when it comes to diagnoses and treatment of conditions and disease.

Dr. Heath explains the problem of ‘too much medicine’ and defines the difference between illness and disease.

Pressed by a host who centers on the argument that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and insists that listeners should not run out and cancel their mammogram, Iona responds with personal candor. She articulates with clarity that preventative measures are not necessarily right for everyone and even pose unnecessary risk for many patients.

Enjoy the audio segment here.

Also consider reading her 2009 paper: It Is Not Wrong To Say No, which is a full summary of her argument.

By: AristaMD

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