Why Hospitals Should Not Be Patient Resorts


As most hospital executives will acknowledge, operating margins are thin. Surprisingly, many hospitals aspire to improve patient satisfaction scores by offering resort-like amenities. Unsurprisingly, what patients actually care about is…well…getting great care. Focusing on resort-quality hospital stays increases hospital costs, and diverts focus from the quality care that patients want and need.

This story suggests an emphasis on those who spend more time than any other hospital employee: nurses. Survey data suggests that nurse interaction as a significant predictor of patient satisfaction.

Focusing on the caregiver is certainly wisdom. But hospitals must also consider ways to empower caregivers and clinicians with tools and resources that help them increase the quality of their care.

At AristaMD, we’ve found positive impact on both patient satisfaction and patient outcomes when clinicians were equipped with clinical guidelines and specialist e-consults. Hospital re-admissions were decreased when the focus of a hospital stay is about helping patients access accurate care and clinical guidance, and avoiding unnecessary care — even if that means less spa-time.

By: AristaMD

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