How Harvard Attacks The High Cost Of Healthcare

jeffrey selberg

“We’re not interested in just spending less money and sacrificing the outcomes,” said Jeffrey Selberg of Peterson Healthcare. “We know that there are better outcomes at less money. We like to say that quality and costs are mutually inclusive, that higher quality will lead to lower costs.”

Selberg and Peterson Healthcare are supporting a study in partnership with Harvard to understand and scale measures for reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. The study focuses on ‘frequent fliers’ or high-risk patients that represent a large fraction of healthcare costs in the U.S. These patients typically include senior citizens, and naturally impact medicare and medicaid programs.

Selberg said that “there’s a high degree of variation in quality and cost” in the treatment of high-need patients. Selberg says that this wide variation suggests plenty of room for improving the way high-need patients are treated.

Read more information on the study here.

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